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Tell the LotRO Community Team (tenth in a forum series)

Matt Warner

Massively sees what the sneaky community specialist Tolero is up to with this running feature over on the official Lord of the Rings Online forums. Every week questions are posed to the players, when it's all said and done the information is data-mined by the developers with the help of some Hobbits. All of this is then used to make the game a shinier/happier place. This week the following questions are:
  • When playing any multi-player game, which of the following best describes you?
  • When you visit community forums, what is your primary interest in doing so? (examples: news from developers, socializing with server mates, at work and can't log in, etc)
  • What is your most happy and/or memorable in-game moment?
Feel free to join in on the discussion over on the official forums. We really like this; it's a feature is a great way to foster community and collect feedback from the playerbase.

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