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The AP no likey the Sony Rolly


We've always been skeptical of Rolly's purpose, but Associated Press business writer Rachel Metz isn't pulling any punches when it comes to reviewing Sony's MP3-playing dance-bot. She calls it a mere conversation-starter "if your dancing hamster has run off", notes that the $400 toy lacks a headphone jack, and scoffs at the 2GB of storage. She also offers that while she gets the notion of the Rolly as a programmable bot with its "Rolly Choreography" software, she had a hard time justifying the time it took to just get through one song (30 minutes of tweaking for 20 seconds of bot action). We're not about to defend the Rolly's place in life, but let's be fair: Rolly isn't meant to solve problems: it's meant to confuse AP writers, scare cats, and get hacked to all oblivion.

[Via BoingBoing]

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