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Wii Fit fit for two year olds, and other revelations


Perhaps avoiding the humiliation of getting back on the board himself, JC Fletcher over at Wii Fanboy has been throwing all sorts of crazy stuff on the Balance Board, and seeing how inanimate objects, and also a kitty, measure up.

What has he learned? For one, the latest year of birth possible in Wii Fit is 2006, and the shortest height is an astounding one foot, eight inches. This means that a two-year-old can actually play Wii Fit which is, if nothing else, creepy.

Also, Fletcher's bagless vacuum cleaner is sadly underweight, with a body mass index of 7.11. His cat, on the other hand, could stand to lose a few pounds (BMI of 21.5!), and has very poor balance. Check out the post for a few more fun experiments, such as how Wii Fit performs on Wii Fit. The mind boggles.

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