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WowWee's Tri-Bot gets an early review


We got a chance to spend a bit of time with WowWee's Tri-Bot way back at CES earlier this year, but the folks at RobotsRule recently got a chance to put the bot through all its paces in advance of its summer release, and they've now churned out a fairly thorough review. On the whole, they seem to have been mightily impressed by the bot, and they think it'll appeal just as much to more DIY-minded folks as it will to kids, thanks in no small part to its unique wheel base and tilt sensor-equipped remote control. On the downside, the bot's sensors were unable to detect anything on the floor below its chest, and it apparently had a tendency to occasionally topple over while trying to climb walls (the ten minutes of pre-recorded audio also seems like it could get tiring real fast). If that hasn't made up your mind, you can check out the review in video form after the break.

[Via Slash Gear]

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