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Snoop Dogg wants to give you a MacBook Air


Looks like Snoop Dogg wants you to have some Apple goodness. Crestock is hosting a wallpaper design competition with the Dre protégé where the prizes over four rounds are, respectively: an iPod classic 80GB, an iPod touch 16GB, an iPod touch 32GB and a MacBook Air. The top three entries in each round also get placement on (and his mySpace page... in case anyone with enough taste to hire you actually goes to mySpace) and a load of Snoop Dogg merchandise with a street value of $500+.

With or without the d-o-double-g action, it's a chance for the design-inclined to get some work out there and score an iPod or an Air. Of course, it's essentially on spec, which might get you some flak, but you're not competing for a job. You're competing for internet glory and a MacBook Air, so it's really just good clean fun(izzle).

Visit the contest homepage for more information. The contest is running now, so if you're interested you should scoot.

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