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StyleTap officially bringing Palm emulator to the iPhone / iPod touch

Mat Lu

Way back in February we posted on an experimental Palm emulator for the iPhone & iPod touch from StyleTap. At the time, they insisted that they were making no commitment whatsoever to release it as a product. Well, apparently they've gotten over their cold feet as StyleTap has announced their intention to bring StyleTap CrossPlatform to the iPhone and iPod touch. It will be available in "early July 2008" and more details will be released at that time.

I wonder if they delayed a bit too long. Obviously, they were waiting for iPhone 2.0, but with native software coming at the same time I wonder how much Palm software people will want. That said, there is a huge catalog of Palm software out there and having come from a Treo I can think of several applications (especially finance related) that I would love to have on my iPhone. What do you think; is there any Palm software out there you really want running on your iPhone?

[via iPhone Alley]

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