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    Westinghouse's 16-inch PT-16H610S portable LCD reviewed

    Darren Murph

    Surely you remember that peculiar PT-16H610S that Westinghouse slipped in during CES, right? Even if not, PCMag is out to help you refresh that memory with its latest review, which takes a good, hard look at the 16-inch "portable LCD." At first glance, reviewers praised the dual-hinged base, which enabled it to be hung under a cabinet, mounted on the wall or simply sat upright. It was also found to be exceptionally efficient when it came to sipping electricity. Outside of that, however, things got ugly -- literally. Both SD and HD sources revealed that image quality just wasn't this thing's forte. Then again, what else would you really expect from something likely designed to be glanced at while slaving away in the kitchen? Overall, it was deemed quite far "from being a stellar HDTV," but it was seen as "good enough to serve as a secondary set in situations where space and budget are limited."

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