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Festival of Unity in EverQuest II


All this week, EverQuest II's Antonia Bayle server celebrates its annual Festival of Unity! For one week each year, dark elves and high elves together raise a cup. Fae and Arasai share pollen-dripping sunflowers. Dwarves break out the GOOD stuff and every table is laden down with pies fresh from Halfling ovens. Barbarians take their annual shower. Ogres and trolls eat gnome cookies instead of gnomes. Dogs and cats live together ....

The festival runs from Sunday through Saturday in the zone of Antonica. (That floozy must spend all day thinking of new things to name after herself ...) Tuesday's events include Lawn Darts (weren't these called Gnome Darts last year?), Mentored Dueling Ladder and a High Pounce Challenge. Each evening's events start between 7-8 PM US Eastern time and continue until 10-11 PM EDT. If you have a character on the Antonia Bayle server, why not stop by and take part? Or make a character there and dive into a spider pie with a hundred other hungry folks. And gnomes, be sure to wear hunter orange -- sometimes the trolls need a little reminder.

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