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Lappin' up the goss

Phil Larsen

Despite conversing freely about a bunch of important Nintendo information, Nintendo Australia's Rose Lappin was inundated with more unanswered questions, as Wii owners sought specific responses to their own queries. Being a good sport, Lappin took to the challenge.

Of course, therein lay the problem. Most were very specific queries and resulted in the standard "contact our service department," "we have no current plans ...," and "we haven't had any feedback" responses. There's a slight problem when a spokesperson responds to outright feedback by stating they haven't received any feedback (after a question commenting on the supposedly complex Wii Message Board system).

Not the most conclusive of interviews, but Lappin's intentions were very noble. It's difficult for one person to save the day of every gamer out there, but giving the most information available at the time, to as many people as possible, is worth a great big chocolate appreciation cake. For the full interview, make link go now!

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