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Ninja Gaiden II demo hits Xbox Live tomorrow [Update]

Update: OK, so don't shoot the messenger. Major Nelson, apologetically updated his post regarding the Ninja Gaiden II demo for all regions. Originally the demo was to be available to all Xbox Live regions excluding Germany and India but now it turns out that you can add Canada and the US to that list. So, no Ninja Gaiden II demo tomorrow for Canadians or Americans. Major still suspects a demo will drop some time this late this week. Also, he promises to talk to a few people about the mix up. Somebody's gonna get-a hurt reeeeal bad (some NSFW Russell Peters love for you in this time of mourning).

Gamers outside of Japan eagerly anticipating a hands-on experience with Ninja Gaiden II only have a few hours to go. According to Major Nelson the demo for the upcoming action title will hit all Xbox Live regions (excluding Germany and India) at 0200 PT tomorrow.

Our fearless leader has already had a few days with the demo and expressed his love for it in the X3F TV Demo Impressions video late last week. Anyone on the fence about picking up the game should try out the demo when it launches tomorrow along side the retail release.

[Thanks, Glitch W again]

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