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One Shots: Stygian sunrise

We've been really impressed with all the great screenshots that have been flying in from Age of Conan. Today we're bringing you a lovely one that was sent to us by Wil d. He writes:

Here's a recent screenshot I took from Age of Conan. This shot is of my bear shaman, Josun, overlooking the Pyramid of the Ancients in Khopshef Province in Stygia just as the sun crested the edge of the pyramid. I had climbed up a nearby mountain to begin my level 30 destiny quest, but I took the opportunity to take a look around first and was pleasantly greeted by the sight you see in the picture. I simply had to take photos.
It really is a lovely location, and a lovely game. We can't wait to see how good it's going to look under DX10.

Do you have a lovely vista you found while climbing around your game world? Perhaps you'd just like to show off the cool things that are going on in the games you play? Whatever the reason, whatever the story, and whatever the MMOG -- all screenshots are welcome! Just send them to us at oneshots AT along with a brief description of what's going on in.

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