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Rumor: Wii-like PS3 controller used in focus test


PlayStation LifeStyle is claiming that a Wii-like PS3 controller was the subject of a secret PSU focus test. An e-mail sent back in January invited a few members of Sony's invite-only group to join them for a paid focus test in ****** ****, California. (We're assuming it's Foster City, home of SCEA.)

The PS3 controllers were motion-sensitive and required use of a "mini-tripod that stood about 12 inches high." Mini-games, such as fencing, paintball and tennis were supposedly demonstrated. The devices were said to be "incredibly responsive and accurate."

While Sony does regularly conduct paid focus tests throughout the country, there simply isn't enough tangible evidence to verify the authenticity of this rumor. If true, we wonder if PS3 fans really want more motion control in their lives ... or does the SIXAXIS suffice?

[Via Joystiq]

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