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Taunton, Massachusetts next to receive Verizon's FiOS TV

Darren Murph

Another locale in Massachusetts in line to receive FiOS TV? It just can't be! All sarcasm aside, another city in the Bay State is in fact waiting in tense anticipation to have the recently approved Verizon agreement lead to something tangible. Residents of Taunton can thank Mayor Charles Crowley for granting the operator a cable franchise, bringing the total amount of Massachusetts communities where Verizon's FiOS TV is or will soon be available to 71. According to Crowley, "the signing of this agreement will mean that the citizens of Taunton will have a choice for their cable TV needs, and the competitive environment that will exist here in Taunton will ensure that our families will realize competitive prices as well." Now, the unknown wait for service to actually become available begins.

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