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Alfred Molina, Ben Kingsley join Prince of Persia film adaptation

Ross Miller

Jerry Bruckheimer's Prince of Persia adaptation has picked up two more high-profile actors. Alfred Molina and Ben Kingsley have been cast, according to Variety. They join the previously announced Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arteron who play Dastan, the 6th-century Persian prince, and Tamina, respectively.

Molina will portray Sheik Amar, who becomes a mentor to Dastan and shows him how to use metallic tentacle arms to his advantage. Kingsley's role is currently unknown, though /Film is predicting he'll portray the villain Vizier (that's assuming they retain any of the PoP storyline). Although the casting of the prince is complete, we're still hoping actor, swordfighter and actual Persian prince David Zandi uses his magical time-bending dagger to somehow nab the lead role.

[Via Cinematical]

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