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Eee PC 901 and 1000-series to start at $550


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We've seen the pictures, now the details. What you're looking at up there are the official specs and pricing for Asus' new Eee PC series. Up to 7.8-hours of battery (3.2-hours minimum!), 802.11n, Bluetooth, and 1.3 megapixel camera as we already knew. What's more, the 10.2-inch 1000-series features either a 40GB SSD on the Linux-based 1000 or 80GB traditional hard disk on the XP or Linux-based 1000H. Both ship with support a maximum of 2GB DDR2 memory. Interestingly, the long-lasting 6-cell battery is the only option shown in a what could be construed as a lesson learned following recent woes.

Now the price:
  • Eee PC 901: NT$16,988 or about $559 (on sale now in Taiwan)
  • Eee PC 1000(H): NT$18,988 or about $625
  • Eee PC 1000: NT$19,988 or about $658
Let's wait for domestic pricing outside of Taiwan to see how these numbers will ultimately tally closer to home.

Update: Asus just made the Eee PC 901, 1000, and 1000(H) officially, official. Press images released.

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