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First 007: Quantum of Solace intel declassified


CVG's sister publication, GamesMaster, got its hand (the other was holding a martini) on the latest Bond game, James Bond 007: Quantum of Solace. Previously confirmed to run on Infinity Ward's slick Call of Duty 4 engine, it is said to combine scenes and settings from the upcoming (22nd!) Bond flick as well as the previous film in the franchise, Casino Royale. (GamesMaster confirms that one of them is the latter's thrilling "free running" opening sequence.)

Gameplay is set to be a mix of first- and third-person action that sounds a lot like Rainbow Six Vegas. The camera reportedly pulls out for a view of Bond when he sticks to cover, climbs ladders, climbs along ledges, and in other "cinematic" situations, such as stealthy button-timing based takedowns ... or, dare we suggest, for "interacting" with the Bond girls?

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