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Guildwatch: Open your face jellyfish

Mike Schramm

I know that image above is tiny, sorry about that -- click it to see the whole convo. Basically Mimszee got what he thinks is a bum deal out of a jewelcrafter (who he calls a "jellyfish" -- because he's too spineless to talk to Mimszee maybe?), and keeps telling one of the jewelcrafter's guildies to "open your face!" Your guess is as good as ours as to what that's all about. But that's not even the end of it -- there's more in this week's GW about Mimszee. A lot more.

For other downed, recruiting or drama news from around the realms, click the link below. And to put your own guild's news here (or a particularly tasty morsel of drama about another guild), just drop us a note to, and you could see it here next week. Open your face!


  • Lords of the Realm on Bronzebeared-A started breaking apart after a little loot snit -- the Amani Punisher dropped in Zul'Aman, and while the guild leader's Holy Pally won the roll, another Holy Pally healer was given the item by the raid leader anyway (even though the Pally who got the item had said he was going Prot). A fit takes place, and eventually, after a lot of whining from the guild leader, the raid leader /gquits -- and is invited into a guildies' bank guild named Devotion. And here's where it gets messy: the guild leader sees that the raid leader is in Devotion, sees the guildie with the bank alt in there, and starts /gkicking all of his other alts. Eventually, more guildies quit, and now a significant number of guildies are in Devotion (which, remember, was originally a bank guild, but became a place of refuge for everyone quitting from Lords). All over the Amani Punisher.
  • This is a weird tip, but it does hint at drama, so here goes. Someone emailed us wanting to send out this message to a long-lost guildie who transferred realms: "Murderhoof, come back to Legacy on Area 52! Mercs was overthrown, Pince is the new leader, and things are great!" If you find the guy (or if you are the guy), reply in the comments and let us know what the whole story is.
  • According to a few folks in Moonlight Stalkers on Gilneas, guildleaders don't get a break, ever. When the GM and an officer took a weekend off of raiding, a few other officers in the guild decided to up stakes and take most of the guild with them to a guild called Static, leaving "Dear John" letters on the forum. The guildleader responded with a very nice bit of drama right on the guild's homepage, still there to this day.
  • It's pretty amazing to see the venom that Proudmoore has when Loyalty says they're planning on transferring to the Alliance side. Sure, the server may be full, but why so incredibly mean? If you don't like it, why aren't you transferring off?
  • Folks, I'll sludge my way through lots and lots of bad writing and hard-to-understand drama for you all, but this is even beyond my ability to comprehend and summarize here. I'll let you dive in if you want -- it is pretty epic, and there's lots of drama to be had, but it's so self important (causing drama on Norgannon is serius bizness, apparently) that I just can't deal with it.
  • Good: A funny, scarily racist quote by someone named Mimszee gets posted on the forums. Better: tons of stories about this same person causing all kinds of havoc on various guild forums turn up, with a full list of all their activity appearing to read and laugh at. Guildwatch: Mimszee appears in the thread itself.
  • All sorts of failure in Haven and Ascension on Norgannon. Really though? /gkicking people and then promising to invite them back with no intention of doing so? That's pretty low.
  • Dirty little secrets are starting to fly out of Sietch Tabr on Cenarius-H after what seems like a raider exodus from the guild. Yes, I will take some popcorn, thanks.
  • Leftovers is kind of a cool little raiding community (they organize unorganized PuGs, basically), and they're having a big third anniversary party on Silver Hand on June 6 to go trounce Gruul, Mags, and then Molten Core. We haven't really mentioned them here because, by definition, they're not actually a guild, but the event should be fun.
  • Sleeper Cartel on Perenolde-A recently had a RL event at what they call the Eastvale Logging Camp in southern West Virginia. They're also going an ingame event later this month, and working to raise money for an Autism charity this summer. Very nice!
  • Reddott on Aman'thul downed Illidan and picked up a Warglaive for their trouble. Archie is on notice. They're also looking to fill in a few classes: Resto Shammy and Druid, Ele Shammy, two Mages and a Lock.
  • HongKong (also on Aman'thul, strangely) had to halt their Kael'thas for a week (the Tankadin's girlfriend had a birthday, hope it was happy), so they went to BT instead and downed Supremus and Shade of Akama. But KT better watch his back this week.
  • Acid Burn of Medivh-H spent their Memorial Day weekend killing bosses, downing Leo, Hex Lord, and getting into Hyjal with Rage Winterchill. Fathom Lord Karathress is on notice.
  • Serious Business on the Argent Dawn server mutilated Illidan Stormrage and brought his still pulsing heart down to the Ashtongue Deathsworn to get shiny teleport-to-BT necklaces. Now it's on to Kalecgos. Good luck!
  • Hive on Duskwood-H has downed HKM, Gruul, Mag, Zul'Jin and Lurker Below in their first 2 weeks of raiding after a merger with Just Wipe. Sound like it was a good move -- they're putting Hydross on notice. (They wanted Loot Reaver, too, but I don't know how many times I have to say this: you guys only get one per week.)
  • The Spreading Taint of Proudmoore, WoW's largest LGBT guild, had two firsts this past week-- the hardcore group dropped Bloodboil (RoS on notice), and the softcore folks got Lurker downed. Very nice job on both. We also hear they downed Archimonde with a Rogue tank, but we'll wait for video on that one to be sure.
  • Sanguine Prophecy on the Mal'ganis server downed Illidan after one full night of attempts. It's a first for them -- grats!
  • Mistaken on Stormreaver-H killed Brutallus by one lighting bolt -- their Resto Shammy was the last man standing and he was able to toss off one bolt, which turned out to be enough for the down. Shaman Power!
  • Daughters of The Alliance on Bronzebeard has dropped Dragonhawk, Lynx, and Malacrass in ZA, which leaves just Zul'jin left to go.
  • Carpe Noctem on Aerie Peak-H has dropped not only HKM and Gruul, but even Mag later in the week. Void Reaver is on notice, and theyr'e recruiting, too -- they're running KZ groups and doing ZA for fun as well. Mature players and real-life couples welcome, but anyone who's interested in helping can join up.
  • Shadows of Chaos, a casual Horde guild on Chromaggus, continues to rock the endgame -- Kara's on farm, Mag is down, and High King Maulgar is next.
  • Right to Bear Arms (what, they don't want to wear sweaters?) on Smolderthorn, has Gruul and Mag on farm, but decided to skip right past SSC and TK and downed Rage Winterchill. They say they have to decide if they want to move on or go back and clear out the other two -- what do you all say? Is skipping SSC and TK even possible? I doubt it.
  • Midnight Snacks on Ursin-H has dropped HKM in seven tries, and put Gruul on notice. They're recruiting as well-- all classes interested for raiding Mon-Thursday late night (after 10pm server).
  • The Nefarious on EU Bronze Dragonflight downed Illidan for a realm Horde first last week. Three minutes later WMC (on Alliance side) also got their first Illidan kill, making four guilds on the realm to do it. Nef didn't get a Warglaive of Azzinoth but they did get some gear for a tank and Mages.
  • Hordecore on Echo Isles turned Al'ar into a loot pinata. Next up: beating up a blind guy in SSC. Nice. Real nice. What are you guys, Horde? Oh wait...
  • Novus Ordo on Blackwater Raiders downed Lurker for the first time. It was their first T5 boss, too! Morogrim is on notice.
  • Mystic Daggers on EU Azjol Nerub dropped Leotheras The Blind in SSC for the first time! Karathress also got dropped, so that just leaves Vashj left to hit the floor. They are rocking it out for a casual guild, and we're told they have a great time raiding. Nice job all!
  • it was lag (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) is the local late night horde raiding guild on the Kalecgos server, and they finally got Lady Vashj down. Kael is on notice.
  • Midnight Coven waltzed into SSC for the first time as an all-guild run, and left The Lurker Below floating face down in the water wondering what the hell just happened. Hydross is looking pretty scared.
  • Disenchanted On The Spot (which just barely missed Best Guild Name) has killed Teron Gorefiend for the first time. Gurtogg is next up to feel the pain.
  • Forget Your Sanity on Rexxar downed Solarian. Lady Vashj is on notice, and they're doing it the right way: no MH or BT until Vashj and Kael are dead.
  • Silent Redemption on Feathermoon got to finally enjoy the sweet and spicy success of deep fried hot wings last night finally downing Al'ar after several attempts. A shout out goes to Luklin, who we're told never gave up hope or placed any doubt on his fellow guildees. Grats to all.
  • Hawks Reborn on EU Burning Legion killed Illidan on their first try of the night. It was a great milestone after just having celebrated three years as a guild.
  • Good Hard Gank EU Tarren Mill-H have got some quality progression done in the last 2 weeks. They dropped HKM, Gruul, and Hex Lord Malacrass for 3 guild firsts. Zul'Jin got to 34%, so he is on notice. They're also recruiting a Moonkin and Shamans, in addition to any and all healers.
  • Keine Neuen on Mal'Ganis-H downed Illidan Stormrage, and, they say, "beat the game! Right?" Afraid not: Sunwell trash patterns are on notice.
  • Double Fisted entered Mount Hyjal and one-shotted Rage Winterchill, then took down Anetheron for good measure, making them a T6 guild. Oh yeah, and one of their members got hacked three times over the course of the week. Umm... grats?
  • Continuing their march through SSC, StarGazer Clan on Elune – A put a beating on a blind elf this evening, taking down Leo for a guild first kill. Much T5 love to be shared. Vashj and her cronies are now officially on notice.
  • The Crimson Knights on the Aerie Peak-A server has had some pretty monumental strides in the past week: Nalorakk, Akil'zon, HKM, and Gruul all met their ends for guild firsts. Grats!
  • Heroic of Norgannon downed Magtheridon after 2 nights of attempts. Did you give him his blood back? We hear he really wants it.
  • Invictus on Cenarius-A is recruiting a talented Resto Shaman to fill out their raids. They're 6/6 and 3/4 as well as 4/5 in Hyjal and 4/9 in BT. Raids are on Mon, Wed, and Friday. Current gear isn't so important, but they do want a Resto Shaman ready to commit to raiding as a team.
  • Midnight Coven on Elune-H is looking for Shadow Priests, Elemental Shamans, and Rogues (wait -- there's a guild out there actually looking for more Rogues?) for raiding SSC/TK content and beyond! Apparently they're also looking for tanks and healers, too.
  • The Stormwind Crusaders on EU Anachronos are a friendly casual guild with a mixture of players including a small core of players who are trying to organise regular raid nights. They are recruiting most classes (they currently have an excess of Hunters and Paladins unfortunately) but with an emphasis on people who can fill Healer and DPS/CC roles. They're up to Curator in Kara, so now's your chance to get in on the ground floor.
  • Legion of Doom on EU Ghostlands-A is accepting all good geared raiders for late night raiding -- they start up around 11 server, and then go until 1am or so, so if you're putting kids to bed early or just like staying up late, this is the guild for you. They have a vent server, a guild bank, and so on -- they're done with Kara, working on ZA and heading for 25 mans soon.
  • Haven on Arathor is recruiting -- they've cleared out Karazhan and are working on ZA and heading towards The Eye and SSC. They're specifically seeking people ready to raid after 4pm server to continue Kara and head into 25 mans. They've got big plans, seems like -- they want to head into Sunwell before Wrath, as well as run some Old Azeroth raids, too. Better get started, then.
  • Collateral Damage of Vek'nilash-A is looking for a kickass Enhance Shaman and Shadow Priest to help with "raid synergy." They are working through BT and Hyjal, so If you want to see Illidan dead by the end of the summer, drop them an app. Transfers are welcome!
  • Omen's Kara team on Echo Isles-H split off to form Malice a couple nights ago due to "a lack of faith in progression." They're ready to roll, though -- they want healers, a couple of good tanks, and any Mages, Locks, Shammys, or Ret Pallys interested in raiding.
  • Nokturnal Karnage on Aman'thul is working on clearing Black Temple and hopefully Sunwell before the expansion, and they need your help. They want healers most of all, but they'd specifically like a Resto Shammy and a Holy Paladin (and they'll take "exceptional applicants" of any class or spec). Come dressed and ready to play T5-6 content.
  • Not Too Hordecore on Emerald Dream needs dedicated and willing raiders to pass Kara and head to 25 mans. They need more tanks, healers and some ranged/caster DPS, but they'll accept anyone to help them raid. They raid Saturdays, but they're committed to progressing, so that may change.
  • Greatly Exaggerated on Hydraxis is 5/5, 9/9 & 1/6, looking for solid players of all classes for a push into Sunwell. "You give us your time," they say, "we give you loot and the shirts off our backs!" Sounds like a good deal.
  • Free At Last is a newly-formed Allaince guild on the Eldre'Thalas server. The officer corps are a group of raiders who have worked together for the last few years, and now they're recruiting more to get through the endgame before Wrath. They're recruiting Shadow and Disc Priests, Hunters, and Ele and Resto Shamans.
  • Final Union on Nazgrel is a relatively new Alliance guild that is looking for more members to finish up Kara and move on to ZA and 25-man content. Healers and tanks are preferred but DPS is welcome too. They are hoping to start a second Kara group to help gear members before moving on.
That's it for this week's GW. Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including a hilarious Vent recording and the classic "officers dont do officers like u did." Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!

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