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Healthy dose of Tabula Rasa community in this Weekend Wrapup

Shawn Schuster

In this week's installment of Weekend Wrapup for Tabula Rasa, the hardcore community shines through yet again. First off, there's mention of the PlanetTR Tavern Roleplayers group who usually gets together to crash the tavern in Foreas Base, but this time they've moved on to the C.E.L.L.A.R. arena. Included in this community update are some screenshots of their good times. We also get word of the very latest episode of TabulaCast, where the hosts John and Matt discuss all the latest TR news on and off the Public Test Server. Their discussion continues as they report on their experiences with Project Immersion and read some listener email.

Finally, there's the results of this weekend's Friday Night Fights, where the largest purse in TR history was awarded: One million credits! Congratulations goes out to Glass for winning it all!

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