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Listen to J-pop and roll a panda

Phil Larsen

We're oddly fascinated with the upcoming, uh, panda simulation game, National Geographic Panda. Well, it's called Panda-San Nikki in Japan, but in North America it's important to tag an environmentally-conscious magazine to the title. That way, gamers can save endangered wildlife while riding the bus to knitting college. Everybody wins!

Adhering to the recent Nintendo trend of browser-based demos, Namco has set up a virtual DS on their official website so you can actually play the game (no see-saws ... yet). Sure, gameplay consists of making one single swipe to roll that big cutie over, but it's addictive. Turn the sound up and enjoy the happy.

Follow this link, and hit the pink box to start up the DS demonstration. Several areas of the site are blanked out, so we're sure to see some new interactive content coming soon for this unique title.


[Via Siliconera]

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