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The World Ends With You: new shipment coming mid-June

Ross Miller
A handful of readers have told us they're having a difficult time locating The World Ends With You, the Square Enix RPG for DS. We finally got a hold of Square Enix, who acknowledged that "the first shipment did sell more quickly than expected." A statement given to Joystiq also confirmed that the next shipment is on schedule for mid-June. We've posted the full statement after the break.

"The World Ends with You is right on track with our forecast- we felt the game's unique and innovative gameplay and stylistic art direction would lend to the title doing very well.

"It may be hard for your readers to find the game because the first shipment did sell more quickly than expected. However, our next round of replenishment units is on-schedule to be in stores by mid-June, so there will be more units available soon."

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