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Today in Joystiq: June 3, 2008

Ross Miller

From Joystiq reader Jon G: "Double Fine just announced this series of books and you guys haven't covered it yet! What's up with that?" Dear Jon: Is it can be hugs tiem now plees? (Double Fine Action Comics: Volume 1 ships August 2008) Check out the highlights for today:

Captivate 08
Captivate 2008 screenshot roundup
Joystiq hands-on: Bionic Commando (Xbox 360)
Joystiq impressions: Dark Void (Xbox 360)
Joystiq hands-on: Neopets Puzzle Adventure (PC)
Joystiq impressions: Resident Evil 5 (Xbox 360)
Joystiq impressions: Spyborgs (Wii)
Overheard@Captivate 08: Of Puzzle Quest and bomb threats

A History of Violence: A Ninja Gaiden Retrospective
All of Xbox Live Arcade's potential delisters revisited
Big Versus pits all three GRID versions against each other
Joyswag: Win The Bourne Conspiracy and a briefcase of gear
Meet the Team: Griffin McElroy
The best of WoW Insider: May 27-June 3, 2008

Cryptic Studios appoints former SOE exec as CEO
Breaking: Ninja Gaiden's Itagaki says 'Sayonara Tecmo, see you in court'
New Fallout 3 screens show Pip-Boy statuses, leg dismemberment
Sony introducing monthly 'Qore' episodes to US PSN on June 5
Puzzle Quest dev's next project: Neopets Puzzle Adventure
Capcom announces Wii exclusive 'Spyborgs'
No multiplayer in Dark Void
Resident Evil 5 devs 60 percent done, aim for more than 20 hours
Dark Void is still about a year away
The World Ends With You: new shipment coming mid-June
See tons of new Street Fighter IV videos
See first Bionic Commando multiplayer video
Crytek turns back on Crysis updates
Alfred Molina, Ben Kingsley join Prince of Persia film adaptation
Home coming this year as 'open, working beta'
Japan getting 'Metallic Blue' PSP, 'Cinnabar Red' PS2
Team Fortress 2 Pyro class next in line for upgrade
PlayStation boss: making PS3 non-exclusives more 'exclusive'
ESRB rates 'The Last Guy' for PS3
First 007: Quantum of Solace intel declassified
Ubisoft's Avatar game: '3D' mode optional, requires 'special' TV
Bruce Willis in talks to star in Kane and Lynch film adaptation
Age of Conan's incredible shrinking breasts
Rock out! Guitar Hero: On Tour DS bundle spotted

Rumors & Speculation
Analyst: THQ has internal problems

Culture & Community
ESA calls out GamePolitics for unfair coverage

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