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Apple brings HD rentals to UK and Canada

Darren Murph

In case you hadn't heard, Apple finally got around to bringing movie rentals to folks camped out in Canada and the UK. Flicks from 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Studios, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. Entertainment, MGM, Sony and Lionsgate are now available on the iTunes store, with Maple Pictures thrown in for Canadians. Of course, any HD rentals will require an Apple TV set-top-box, but you totally expected that anyway, right? As for pricing, Canucks will be asked to hand over CAN$9.99 for catalog title purchases, CAN$14.99 for recent releases and CAN$19.99 for new releases, while rentals run CAN$3.99 for library titles and CAN$4.99 for new releases, with high-definition rentals priced one dollar more. UKers can purchase titles for £6.99 (library) / £10.99 (new release) or rent 'em for £2.49 (library) / £3.49 (new release), with HD versions costing one pound more. Let us know how things look, won't you?

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