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Factor in some Runes on the Wii

Phil Larsen

An announcement for all those interested in putting some hours in down at the nearest factory or processing facility -- you can now work with runes. Marvelous Entertainment made the announcement for Rune Factory: Frontier in the latest Famitsu, and that's factoriffic. We unearthed some scans, which we have here for you today. Well, not here. Up there ... and here.

The series had a
good showing on the DS, so it's time for the bigger console brother to take a shot at harvesting some quality gameplay. Rune Factory: Frontier also looks set to feature Raguna from the first title, as he goes about his day farming, looking for buxom beauties and occasionally roughing up a baddie or two. The game is scheduled for a 2008 release date in Japan, but hopefully it won't take long to make the international rounds.

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