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In other news... Jackie Chan sells Segways?!


Yes, it's hard to believe, but we assure you there were no special effects used to create this image. Here's beloved action movie star Jackie Chan once again doing his own stunts -- the most embarrassing one he's ever done. Believe it or not, he says these are hard to sell in China.

Josh T: "Police Story 5: Loser Cop"
Paul: "In his next film, Jackie Chan will pose exactly zero threat to anyone at all."
Ryan: "This, Jackie Chan, is your punishment for 'The Tuxedo.'"
Chris: "Jackie Chan avoids Rush Hour 4 thanks to his trusty Segway."
Josh F: "Legend of Drunken Decisions"
Thomas: "Enter the Dragon, exit the nerd"
Jackie Chan: "Don't try to be like Jackie. There is only one Jackie. Study computers instead." (Seriously, he said that!)

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