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New PC game accessible to blind players, uses Wiimote


AudiOdyssey is the work of the folks at MIT's GAMBIT Game Lab, and is designed to be playable for both visually-impaired and sighted users. It's not alone in this respect -- in 2006, Nintendo released Soundvoyager for the GBA in Japan, a title that featured exclusively sound-based gameplay -- but AudiOdyssey is the first Wiimote-compatible title to be designed with both groups in mind.

The aim is straightforward enough: as questionably coiffured DJ Vinyl Scorcher, your task is to keep a nightclub dancing by swinging the Wii Remote to the beat. Keep up well, and you'll be allowed to freestyle, but getting the crowd overly excited isn't advised, as patrons are likely to bump into your wheels of steel, messing up your tracks.

Needless to say, it's heartening to see any game catering to visually-impaired gamers -- if AudiOdyssey enjoys some success, it may not be the last of its kind. Make the jump for footage of the game in action.

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