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Producer hints at LEGO Indiana Jones sequel


It's only been days since LEGO indiana Jones found itself sitting on a retail shelf and now producer Shawn Storc is already hinting at a sequel. When asked about the latest Indiana Jones film being absent from the new LEGO Indiana Jones game, Storc said "There is so much content in the first three 'Indy' movies that we wanted to maintain focus on those adventures." Makes sense, we suppose. Those looking for more Indy action should not fret, though.

Although nothing has been revealed, Storc still wants you to know there's a chance the latest film can be adapted into a LEGO game. "We don't have anything to announce, but there's always a chance," he comments. That's all well and good, but with the previous titles containing plenty of levels, spanning across several films, could they even make a title based on one movie work?


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