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Rohan: Blood Feud enters open beta

Shawn Schuster

In a genre that is exploding with popularity, the Korean free-to-play MMO market seems to get more and more competitive with their subscription-based western cousins. A perfect example of this is YNK Interactive's Rohan Online: Blood Feud, which has just entered open beta.

With a boom in this genre's popularity comes the need for developers to create something unique, that stands out in the crowd. With Rohan, you get much of the same controls, features and gameplay mechanics as other Korean-based MMOs, yet they do introduce their own element of uniqueness. For instance, they have a revolutionary revenge system set up where you can actually teleport straight back to the location of someone who killed you in a PvP duel. These players will automatically be added to your personal "hit list", where you can hunt them down yourself or bring along some friends to help bring the pain!

Follow us through the Rohan Online: Blood Feud gallery for more information!

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