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Slug it out with the new trailer

Phil Larsen

Mario must be single-handedly keeping all his local sporting goods stores in business. He is no stranger to picking up any random game, throwing an item or two into the mix and giving it a go with all his friends. We're happy about that, because it usually turns out pretty good.

Now we can finally bring you some goodies for the latest foray into sporting superstardom. We've got the brand new trailer for Mario Super Sluggers, along with some captures in the gallery.

The trailer is very comprehensive, and shows off several cutscenes along with a demonstration of the all-purpose Wiimote controls. We don't have any idea what the guy is saying, but the movements displayed alongside the game speak for themselves. Of course, there'll be explosions and interference blasting every which way, so this isn't your typical Mom n' Pop baseball game.

We'll be on top of all Mario Super Sluggers information (and English content, geez) as it arrives. In fact, you could say we have all bases covered. Ha. That's funny.


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