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DS Daily: Keeping it clean


Although this blogger personally prefers the cool, Mac-esque appearance of the Polar White DS (it is, after all, the perfect match for the Wii), there's a good reason I don't own one: it gets hella dirty, hella quickly. It's just fairly unavoidable -- the thing is called a handheld. Hands aren't always clean.

Not that DSes of a different shade are much better. Indeed, as beautiful as the DS Lite is, they all have their fair share of grooves for dirt to creep into. Fingerprints on the glossy casing and grime that accumulates around the edges of the screens are particular culprits.

So today's question is simple: what's your cleaning routine for keeping your DS sparkling and muck-free? How often do you give it a clean (you do clean it, right?), and are there any useful techniques you'd like to share for those of us who'd prefer to keep our DSes skinless?

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