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Florida requests 10 years disbarment for Jack Thompson

Ross Miller

The Florida Bar this week requested that embattled attorney Jack Thompson be disbarred for ten years based on the 27 misconduct charges he was found guilty of last month. Thompson was reportedly not there to hear said request, as he had walked out during the trial.

According to a GamePolitics report, the attorney (acting as in propria persona) was not allowed by Judge Tunis to read aloud a lengthy objection that he had prepared. Thompson then questioned Judge Tunis' status as a judge and left the court room. Just to clarify: a request for disbarment is not an official punishment – the final decision is left up to Judge Tunis to decide.

In other news, a federal lawsuit filed by Thompson against the Florida Supreme Court has been dismissed with prejudice, meaning that he cannot file it again. Thompson still has two other lawsuits pending related to his ongoing Bar trial.

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