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Forum Post of the Day: Invitation requirements

Amanda Dean

We all know that PuGging instances can be a pain, especially finding a tank. Gelin, a tank onThe Forgotten Coast, says that she checks the armory before she invites. If you don't match her standards for armor, weapons, and spell stats, she will not invite you to a group. As a tank She feels empowered since tanks are rare, and dps is much easier to find.

If the original post had been more eloquent, people may have viewed it as insightful, it makes sense to be properly geared before asking for a group. As it stands, the responses have been primarily negative, along the lines that this is a bad attitude to have in the game. This thread is legendary because of Eyonix's response:

You have left over talent points.
You should not be so judgmental.

I wonder what it's like to be knocked off your high horse by the most aloof of the CM's. It must hurt, a wee bit. I've learned to generally check someone's gear out at the beginning of an instance, due to a poor experience with a hunter with empty armor slots. What do you look for in your PuG?

Edit: Original post text after the break.

I am a tank.

If you are wearing any green items I don't invite.

If your weapon(s) arnt epic, I won't invite.

If you have less then 1000 spell damage, I won't invite.

If you have less then 1300+ healing, I won't invite.

If you misspell anything or use numbers 4 words when messaging me, I won't invite.

Why? Because you are a dime a dozen, thanks to pretty much everyone having arena and battleground epics (except tanks) its pretty much reasonable for me to expect this.

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