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Ninjabee bringing 'city-building' Kingdom for Keflings to XBLA

Jason Dobson

Developer and XBLA evangelist Ninjabee, known for such titles as Outpost Kaloki X and last summer's Band of Bugs, has announced its latest project in comedic fashion, though judging from the video above we're unsure if we should be laughing or mortified. Perhaps a little of both, as we see Ninjabee's Shawn Boyles go from mild mannered artist to vicious murderer thanks to the industrious, if annoying efforts of unseen workers known as Keflings, stars of Ninjabee's upcoming fall XBLA release A Kingdom for Keflings.

Little is known about the game beyond that it will focus on city-building, and will feature "fun and light-hearted gameplay with graphics and original music to match," no doubt creating the perfect atmosphere for stapler-related homicide. Or is that Keflicide?

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