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Verizon gets official with "at least 25" new FiOS TV HD channels

Darren Murph

As if it wasn't official enough already, Verizon has just loosed a fresh release confirming that those channels we sniffed out yesterday are indeed coming soon. Officially, the operator is aiming to add over 60 new channels to the FiOS TV lineup "this summer," with "at least 25 in HD." As predicted, it reiterated its intentions to have "up to 150 HD channels" by the year's end, and while we aren't told what regions will see the new content first, it does make mention that it will "roll out the new content, region by region, beginning by early July." Curiously, Verizon asserts that everyone should have 'em within a few months of the initial launch, but the total quantity of available HD channels will be "between 52 and 65, depending on the customer's location." For lots more on what material is just over the horizon, hit the read link and give those eyes a workout.

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