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Ambrosia teases new iPhone game


Are we the only ones unnaturally excited for the iPhone App Store? We don't know how distribution will work, but imagine great applications available from top-notch OS X developers at the touch of a finger. Bored in a waiting room? Try out a new game, buy it and play it right then and there. You know it's not a piece of junk because it's been approved for the store. We can't wait.

Ambrosia is teasing one of their future offerings this week with Aki Mobile Mahjong. It's a take on the ancient Chinese game that features cool graphics and nifty sound effects (check out the screenshots and game play video). Ambrosia notes that their aim is to create games that can be launched and quit quickly and easily (for instance, when that important call arrives).

Also interesting is this little tidbit: "Download additional custom levels via EDGE/Wi-Fi...." Cool!

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