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Guitar Herowned: GH3's hardest song rocked 100%


Consider us impressed floored. Chris "iamchris4life" Chike, the recognized Guinness world record holder for the highest single-song point tally in Guitar Hero III has gone and done what many considered impossible. In the above YouTube video, Chike 100-percents Dragonforce's "Through the Fire and the Flames," revered and dreaded by fans as the most difficult song in GH3.

Watch in amazement – as we did – while Chike powers through the song on expert difficulty without missing a single note. In the end, he not only fully completed the song (beating his previous best of 97%) but scored 987,786 points (his best run prior to this netted 840,647). Our hats, glasses, and all other accessories are off to you, Chris. Now, may we offer you an ice pack for your hand?

[Thanks, Wibby!]

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