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    Sony's 46-inch KDL-46W4100 LCD HDTV gets reviewed

    Darren Murph

    Barely two months after being announced, the 46-inch model from the wide-ranging W4000 series has hit the test bench over at CNET. To make a long story short, Sony's mid-range set performed right at the level one would expect it to, but folks looking for the best of the best will have to peer elsewhere (and bring along a few extra hundies). Reviewers were digging the deep black levels, accurate primary colors and expansive port selection, but a few notable niggles kept it from being atop the class. For starters, they were none too pleased with the convoluted menu system, and the below-average viewing angle, fluctuating blacks and disappointing image quality weren't smiled upon. From here, it sounds as if the 46W4100 is a set that shouldn't be purchased sight unseen, but check out the read link to hear from the folks who spent all the time with it.

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