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Team Fortress 2 update nearly complete, Sniper getting intro, Pyro getting axe

Don't misinterpret that headline -- the much anticipated update for Valve's cartoony multiplayer run-and-gunner, Team Fortress 2, will not see the dismissal of the game's most burninating class. No, we simply mean that Valve has revealed one of the unlockable weapons for the Pyro: the mighty Axtinguisher. Well, the sometimes mighty Axtinguisher -- Valve explained in a recent Steam blog post that the weapon only deals half as much damage as the standard fire axe, unless used against engulfed opponents, in which case it deals a guaranteed critical hit.

We've yet to learn the achievements required to unlock this powerful armament, or the other equipment that will be made available to the flame-obsessed archetype -- though in the same news post, Valve confirmed the Pyro-centric update will be accompanied by one of their popular video introductions for the most steady-handed TF2 character, titled "Meet The Sniper". Also, Valve confirmed that they've "almost completely wrapped up" the update. Arsonists, rejoice!

[Via Evil Avatar]

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