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Turbine plotting something special for the 100th Asheron's Call patch

Michael Zenke

The forums depths of Asheron's Call have been churning and swirling of late, in a tizzy about the imminent arrival of the 100th patch to their beloved game. Asheron's Call has been around for some time now, released as it was back in 1999; it will be sharing its 10th anniversary with EverQuest next year. In the meantime, the Turbine developers are teasing and poking at the players, offering up some tasty hints about what might be in that next patch. Without a doubt, the patch will be building on the game's ongoing story; just last month the Introductions chapter of the game opened up some new game elements, storylines, and even rewards for patient players.

Some of the hints the developers have dropped touch on treasure chest rewards, and the mechanics with the treasure system. They also have plans for a new landscape hunting quests. The most firm new information comes from Frelorn, with the AC community relations team, about an incoming tier of loot and its role in the landscape hunting game. Says he, "One of the ways we are looking at [adding this loot] is to use the Direland Champions mechanics. So that players who like to outdoor hunt would have a random chance of spawning a "Boss Creature" which would then either have this new profile or a key that would allow a pull on one of the new chests. This is of course, not set in stone, and we may go with another way of doing this, which we will explain when we begin releasing all of the information on the 100th update."

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