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Zubo's rhythm-RPG mashup gameplay


EA isn't taking it easy on the hyperbole in their description of the kids' rhythm RPG Zubo. One staffer at EA Bright Light enthusiastically described the game as the first "next generation" DS game, with graphics surpassing the normal DS abilities. With a concept like theirs, they're free to say all kinds of crazy stuff, because it sounds brilliant. Uh -- for kids. Yeah, that's it, for kids.

Zubo combines RPG battling with monster collecting with ... rhythm gaming. Your party can carry up to three Zubo creatures, which come in three classes: Fighter, Performer, and Defender, each with different abilities in battle. The fights are turn-based, with the extra requirement of tapping in rhythm to power your Zubos' attacks. Science proves that the addition of rhythm-based gameplay improves any genre. Not to mention the great toy-like style.

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