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Lvl 70 Republican specced legislative candidate LFG

There's usually a wide chasm between video games and the politicians who make decisions that affect the sale and content of said games, so whenever we hear of a civil servant with a ludological streak, it warms our heart. Sure, their trysts with gaming are usually not major aspects in their lives, as a majority of their free time is spent appeasing constituents and kissing babies. However, a Republican candidate for the Connecticut legislature recently outed herself as having an extreme fondness for World of Warcraft, evidenced by her main character: a Level 70 Orc Hunter.

Jeanne Stevens, the aforementioned WoW fiend, is a mother of four and a local business owner in addition to being a legislative hopeful, making us wonder where she finds the time for late night excursions into Zul'Aman. We guess it helps that her father, uncle and kids are all suckling WoW's luminescent teat as well. We only hope that Stevens' story inspire other political figures to reveal their own gaming tendencies -- we hear Cheney can five-star "Psychobillly Freakout" on Expert.

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