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RF Online server rollback combats cheaters and 500% inflation

James Egan

RF Online in the Philippines recently had serious issues with dupe hacks, prompting an unannounced rollback of the servers. PlayNoEvil writes that the operator of RF Online for the Philippines, Level Up Games, discovered a dupe exploit and tried to purge it from the servers as well as those who used it. However due to time constraints with unraveling the intricacies of the exploit, the company decided to roll back the game to a point before the exploit was used.

Level Up Games issued a statement on the problem: Based on DB evidence, numbers as well as feedback from the community, the GMs, the Vanguards and also from our field agents, there was an oversupply of in-game currency and gold - as high as 500 %. GMTristan of RF Online Philippines clarified the situation further on his blog:

"Just last night, after thorough analysis and thought, I finally gave the green light to roll back character data of RF Philippines to the state of May 23, 2008 4am. And boy, it was a tough call. Around that fateful time, a new and dangerous threat to RF surfaced - the Gold Dupe Hack. With this hack, a lot of unscrupulous players had BILLIONS of in-game cash and hundreds of thousands of gold. The economy was in ruins, prices of normal items skyrocketed and there was a huge excess of cash."

PlayNoEvil comments on how well the exploit was dealt with: "The company did a great job of responding to the problem. They moved quickly, made an initial plan, adapted to changing circumstances, and, once they had determined their course of action, communicated clearly with their players." The roughly 70,000 players were compensated for their difficulties resulting from the rollback with free game time and in-game currency.

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