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Apple posts details about Snow Leopard

Cory Bohon

TUAW broke the Snow Leopard story and boy were we right. Apple has just posted the details on the next version of Mac OS X -- Snow Leopard. Snow Leopard will not bring any major new features to the Mac platform, instead, Apple will be focusing on the quality of the OS.

According to the details, Snow Leopard will be optimized for multi-core processors, be able to take advantage of even more RAM (up to 16TB, theoretically), and include out-of-box support for Microsoft Exchange 2007. A new technology in the OS, named "Grand Central" will allow developers to better take advantage of Macs with more than one processing core.

In addition, Safari will be revved with Snow Leopard. Safari will utilize a new JavaScript engine ( SquirrelFish, no doubt) to make it even faster.

Apple did not supply any details about price, but expects the OS to be shipping in "1 year."

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