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AT&T talks iPhone 3G plans, apps

Scott McNulty

AT&T just posted a press release which answers a few questions about the new iPhone 3G. First off, AT&T remains the exclusive iPhone carrier in the US (though there will be plenty of other carriers in other countries). The iPhone 3G is subsidized, and the revenue sharing agreement between Apple and AT&T has ended (you might recall that Apple got a cut of monthly subscriber fees for the iPhone, though no longer).

But what about the service plans? It looks like AT&T is getting rid of those easy to choose from iPhone plans, and letting people get whatever voice plan they want, with data plans sold separately. The data plans are as follows:

  • Consumers will pay $30 a month for unlimited 3G data plus $39.99 a month (to start) for voice.
  • Business users will need to pay $45 a month for unlimited data plus a voice plan.
This means that the base iPhone monthly cost for most consumers will go from $59.99 a month (that's the base first gen iPhone plan with unlimited data, 450 minutes a month, and 200 text messages) to $69.99 a month. High speed networking costs money, people!

AT&T also noted that they, themselves, are working on an iPhone app. mobile is an iPhone app that will let you search the Yellowpages on your phone. Not that exciting in and of itself, but using Core Location, Mobile will know where you are and search local listings based on your current position. Not too shabby. It will also have 'social networking' features allowing you to share reviews with your friends and plan events.

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