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Bluelounge Design's CableBox is more set-bottom than set-top

Steven Kim

If the cabling around your home theater rig is a rat's nest, then you might be interested in Bluelounge Design's new CableBox. Available in stylish white or black, the 6 x 15.6 x 5.3-inch box has such insightful features as: a removable lid for easy placement of corded items within the box; openings on opposite box ends so your gear can access the cables; and rubber feet on the bottom of the CableBox so it won't slide around. This is totally the sort of accessory we'd normally recommend as a DIY project involving a trip to Ikea and a Dremel tool -- there's a lot less here than Bluelounge's other offerings -- but if you're all thumbs then get in your preorder for an are-you-kidding-me price of $29.95.

[Via TVSnob]

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