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Canada's AWS auction now more lucrative than the US' was

Chris Ziegler

Though the final paycheck to the US government will almost certainly far exceed that going to Ottawa when bidding closes, here's an interesting little stat: the companies involved in Canada's ongoing AWS auction will be paying far more per megahertz per covered resident. The total value of the bidding is now up around $3.16 billion CAD (about $3.11 billion), and even back when it was hovering in the mid-$2 billion CAD range, that put the per-resident valuation up over 80 cents -- far more than 54 cents paid when the action closed in the US back in 2006. Helping to drive up those numbers are Rogers and Telus, who are reaching deep into their respective wallets to pony up serious cash for the fresh spectrum. Don't you feel loved, Canadians?

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