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Civilization IV: Colonization announced, no Civ IV required


2K Games announced today that they'll release Civilization IV: Colonization sometime this autumn. Don't let the title fool you, the game is a stand-alone product (meaning it doesn't require Civ IV) and is an update of the classic strategy game, Colonization, by Sid Meier and Brian Reynolds back in the Microprose days.

Colonization has players leading one of four European nations trying to take over the New World. 2K Games says the title will feature "all-new graphics" -- although we can't tell much difference from Civ IV -- along with improved diplomacy. Considering it's a stand-alone product, we understand the Civ IV name was put in the title to sell more copies; however, we hope Colonization doesn't feel like a missing member from the "scenarios" available in Civ IV: Beyond the Sword., many of which could arguably have been stand-alone products.

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