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MidiBox SID turns Commodore 64 into 4-voice, 8-bit analog synth


The Commodore 64 did a lot of things right: the right price, the right graphics, the right games, and the right 8-bit audio chipset that allowed 12 year-old programmers to POKE and PEEK their way into analog music bliss. Modder and musician "TK" saw an opportunity in all of this for an analog synthesizer, and he went for it. Fitting it with potentiometers, LEDs, and an additional 8 SID sound chips (for a total of 8), he is able to get 4 stereo pairs of sound and 4 voices out of what he calls the Midibox SID. If you hadn't figured from the name, he did add MIDI control to the little beast. And, no, you cannot play Doom on it. Video after the break.

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