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Tech manufacturer says Blu-ray adoption quicker than DVD

Majed Athab

Singulus Technologies, a manufacturer for optical disc technology, has stated to shareholders at its Annual General Meeting that Blu-ray adoption is picking up fast. It's so fast that it's out-pacing DVDs. Said Singulus CEO, Stefan A. Baustert on Blu-ray trends: "... orders for Blu-ray in the first year of the dual layer technology already by far exceeded the volume at the start of the DVD eleven years ago ..."

His claim to rising interest in Blu-ray tech is based off internal numbers and requests for Blu-ray dual layer machines. Pointing to current statistics, 21 machine orders have been received for Q1 2008 and have carried a steady flow into Q2 2008. What this all means for general Blu-ray consumers and PS3 owners alike is that we're certainly going to see more Blu-ray content in the near future as the means to produce said content is growing.

Given that Blu-ray won the format war early this year, it's not surprising to see adoption spike in that very same quarter. What will be noteworthy to watch over is if interest will carry on throughout the next few quarters. As Singulus expects selling prices for Blu-ray hardware to "reduce substantially" (probably excluding the PS3), we might be seeing higher consumer interest to complement those manufacturer investments.


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