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TV Armor: like a sneeze guard for your TV

Steven Kim

It's a crazy world out there, and you need to protect the important things in your life -- like your TV. It's a given that a TV's screen size is directly proportional to the amount of joy it produces; but it's a cruel joke that it's also directly proportional to the amount of danger your TV faces from the big, bad world. There are more risks than airborne Wiimotes and console controllers thrown in frustration. But even non-gamers aren't safe, as the hyper-realism of HD ups the risk of hooligan-like bottle throwing at your next sporting event (once you remove the sofa covers, that is). Enter TV Armor -- acrylic protection for your plasma or LCD set, available in a range of sizes for $129 (30-32 inches) to $169 (50-52 inches). Anyone getting this probably should complain more about the company they're keeping than the increased glare, though.

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