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X3F LIVE hits Uno and Gears tonight!

The votes are in and a recount isn't necessary. Gears of War swept up the competition claiming the top spot for tonight's gaming session; with Uno leading the charge for Xbox Live Arcade. Originally we were going to have a dedicated Gears of War marathon tonight but the rest of the team has fond memories of Uno and decided to throw it in hour numero one (you thought I was going to day Uno didn't you?).

Tonight look out for the following gamertags and join the gaming sessions in progress, the games will be open and we hope you can jump in to play around!

Add X3FLIVE to your friend list and use the Friends of Friends feature to spot the rest of the crew online! If you'd like to join us online spot the rest of the crew (Gamertags below) and join our gaming sessions!

Uno -- 9:30-10:30 PM EST
SenseiRam (Richard)*
Sli Xander (Alexander)*
Snypz (Xav)
SuperDunners (Dustin)
(each gamertag will host their own game)

*Richard and Alexander are going to try to make it for the Uno portion of the event

Gears of War -- 10:30-11:30 PM EST
Snypz -- In one hosted room
Scheduled to play: Richard, Dustin, Xav

Check back here at X3F at 9 PM EST for a reminder of the event and any last minute detail changes! We look forward to chainsawing you later tonight!

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